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Early, accurate and quantitative detection for caries

The Problem

Caries is the bacterial dental disease more prevalent worldwide which diagnostics are not comprehensively solved yet.

million patients
millions of dollars in direct costs
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Early detection is key in controlling the disease

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Sensitivity 52%

False (-): 48%

Sensitivity 66%

False (-): 34%

Diagnosis of tooth decay, UNSOLVED problem

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The Solution: CarieScope is a detection method…

…Sensible for early stages of caries and other demineralization-related diseases

…Quantitative analyze the evolution of the disease

…Clinically relevant highly precise and exact

…Non-invasive, fast and cost-effective

CarieScope’s technology is patented in Europe and USA

Business development: We are open to collaboration

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Geographic exclusive rights to exploit patents and know-how.

Model of upfront/royalties payments

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Joint approach (financing and technical support) of the CE marking project in exchange for shared IP rights

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Three rounds of funding are planned

Promoters team

Image Pio

Pío Manuel González Fernández

Ph.D. in Physical Sciences, Principal Investigator of the New Materials Research Group and Full Professor of the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Vigo.

Image Stefano

Stefano Chiussi

Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences, Researcher at the New Materials Research Group and Professor at the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Vigo.

Image Benigno

Benigno Coello Delgado

Stomatologist with a long professional career in Dental Clinic, Industrial Engineer and co-inventor of the patent, along with the rest of the members of the research team

Image Julia

Julia Serra Rodríguez

Ph.D. in Physical Sciences, Researcher at the Novos Materiais Group and Professor at the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Vigo.

Image Oswaldo

Oswaldo Javier Álvarez Francisco

External consultant. Master in Industrial Engineering, extensive experience in management in multinational companies in the health, pharmacy and biotechnology sectors.

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